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In an ideal world, everyone in an organization has visibility into the big initiatives that are being considered and work done.

In this ideal world, we're all aligned to the same set of priorities so that when we do have dependencies, it's easy to know what work is most valuable for the business workflows smoothly from when an idea is conceived to when that idea can be deployed for the good of our customers.

We don't spin on what projects to fund and who will be on them because frankly when we fund stable teams, they pull the highest priority work and in our forecasting gets more accurate because over time we have more confidence in what will get done and best of all and organizations that that is doing this well, has the ability to pivot quickly, to out, learn their competition and to have fun innovating.

About the Author

I aim to make the planet happier, one organization at a time. I believe we should love what we do and the teams we work with. Through leadership and team coaching, my goal is to create great work cultures and help people find joy every day. This naturally results in more creativity, innovation and productivity.

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