I've seen it happen over and over again with teams that I work with. 

Their best and brightest employees do everything they can to keep the team afloat. They work as hard as they can, but they get burned out.

They don't have the support and help they need from their teammates. And they don't have a way to communicate those expectations to the team.

The best way to combat this is with a team working agreement. But there's one thing that prevents a team's working agreement from being impactful and effective and that's buy in.

If your team doesn't buy into the idea that they need a team working agreement, they're not going to abide by it.

They're not going to hold each other accountable, and they're not going to let it be as effective as it really could be in helping them become everything they can be.

So how to create buy in?

My best and favorite way is to do a retrospective. You start with what's not working for the team. Where are their frustrations? What's holding them back and getting in their way? 

Also talk about what's going right and what you should keep and create ideas for the future.

Ask them "What does the perfect team look like? What kind of expectations do they set for each other? How do they treat each other once you have that team working agreement?"

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