Ignite your Agile Implementation

A single spark is all it takes to ignite the power of transformation

We Understand The Challenge

You’ve tried to be Agile.
You’ve sprinted, strained and sweated.
Done everything right.
But the magic is missing.
Your stand-ups grind on, your sprints barely stumble.
And others are watching.
Bosses. Investors. Competitors.
Because while you struggle, others soar.
You can see them in the distance, making it look easy.
Epic, smooth execution.
The true promise of Agile.
And you know, deep down, that it’s not an accident.
That they know something you don’t.
And you’re right.
Join us, and find the missing piece.

Everything Starts with a Spark

Here's Our 3 Step Plan

Step 1: Illuminate

Using our proprietary Agility Impact Diagnostic tool, we’ll help you shine a light onto what’s working, and identify what we call the “Spark”.

The single area where, if you focus your time and energy, you’ll deliver the greatest impact for your stakeholders, teams, and customers.

step 2: ignite

With the “Spark” identified, you have the language to easily communicate what truly matters. As you explain your vision to the stakeholders, teams, and clients… they listen. They understand. They start to see what’s possible. We’ll help you ignite and fuel their excitement by running simple exercises that deliver tangible results to create momentum and spread the fire.

step 3: intensify

As momentum builds, we’ll help you guide your organization’s teams, so they collaborate and share their practices. Every step is simple, yet designed to help you create autonomous Agile teams, working in harmony in a sustainable culture of coaching, training, and transformation to drive competitive advantage.

Who This Is For...

Business Leaders

...love us as we can provide more visibility and transparency around work in progress as well as what is coming up. By providing you with better alignment with your IT partners, we can help create a faster feedback cycle so you can deliver higher quality products. A key aspect is you'll have the ability to respond to ever-changing market needs more rapidly.

Technology Leaders

...love us as we help improve collaboration across different departments within IT and smooth the way to allow you to deliver more predictably.

Some of the greatest impacts can be felt by your developers. They'll be enabled to create work of higher quality, resulting in happier, more stable teams.

Change Agents

...love us as you know, even with the best will in the world, you can't do this alone. We are here to help, guide, and support you.

We can increase the visibility of impediments to change and create more buy-in for change as the stakeholders start to see the world through your eyes.

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What Clients say

Working with Institute Agility to implement an Agile company-wide process has meant we are accelerating our ability to develop and iterate new products. It is having a real impact on all areas of the business, not just profit, but in how the disparate teams connect and work together.

John Comly

CEO, American Safety Council

I found the Agile Impact Diagnostic tool gave me a quick and insightful way to benchmark an organization; in just a few minutes, I could pinpoint where we are and where we’d like to be. This simple yet powerful tool empowers leaders to level up their organization at any stage. Every leader should spend a couple minutes using this tool to reflect on their team. If leaders don’t take full advantage of Christy’s coaching, they will, at least, have themselves a benchmark of their team’s agility to chart a course from there.

Chris Wakukawa

Six Sigma Blackbelt at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu

What Has a Lack of
Clarity Cost You?

What has a lack of clarity between stakeholders, teams, and clients cost you? What improvements could you have delivered if you had clarity on where to improve your team's performance?