Your Corporate Retreat:
how to plan for success

Discover how to plan your Corporate Retreat to deliver an exceptional experience for your people and address your business goals.

The critical elements to creating a company offsite your people love to experience

Arranging a corporate offsite for your organization is always a challenge.

How do you make it impactful while striking the balance of ensuring it's something people come up to you and say, "That was amazing, thank you!"?

So what's the greatest need? Is it an event to help your people reconnect and to integrate new team members? Sometimes they just need to relax and have fun.

Or is it to focus on business challenges? In that case you may need to set the stage for people to communicate and be vulnerable for the sessions ahead.

Planning this experience can make you feel a tremendous amount of pressure. You need to please so many people with different needs, expectations, and agendas.

At Institute Agility, we've helped design dozens of powerful offsites for organizations from two-hour sessions through to three-day events, even in a very short window of time.


STEP 1: We Co-create a Vision for Success

We believe you will only experience a successful event if we take the time to gain clarity on what success looks like for you.

Usually, this involves quick 30-minute interviews with key stakeholders so we can uncover what matters most. 

With this clarity, we can propose specific types of sessions to engage your people and guide them to your visions of success.

STEP 2: we create Lightbulb moments

Based on the plan we co-create, we'll leverage our proven techniques around collaboration and innovation to deliver the results you're looking for.

Our sessions are relaxed, informal, and facilitated by highly-experienced coaches. The sessions are actively engaging. Your people won't be bored, sitting in their chairs and looking at their phone. When we run in-person events, they'll be moving around the room and engaging with the topics. We maximize the space around for them to hold breakout sessions, brainstorm, prioritize, and talk with each other. For virtual events, we replicate the experience using small breakout rooms and fun activities to maintain the engagement.

It's essential your people are given the space to think and share their thoughts. We create environments where people feel safe and comfortable, and are able to bring out their unique strengths.

STEP 3: we plan for your future

Our events generate a lot of energy and enthusiasm as your team gains clarity on what’s possible.

Our goal is to help capture that excitement and make it "stick" long term to drive greater momentum.

During the event, we’ll guide each person to establish their own clear next steps so they have an action plan. However, it doesn’t end there because it’s easy for people to be consumed by their daily work.

With a keen consideration for people’s time, we actively follow-up to help solidify their light bulb moments and key take aways. We’ve found our “Light-touch Follow-up” magnifies the impact and level of results people experience and keep the energy alive. 

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What Does Success Look Like
for You?

Our packages start from $4,500 for an half-day session. If you'd like an informal conversation to talk through what you're planning, then click here to book a call.

Alternatively, if you're earlier in the planning stage, we have a "Plan for Success" approach to help remove the stress and anxiety it's natural to feel when planning an event. 

We'll work with you to identify the key stakeholders and interview them so you have certainty on what matters most. When you have total clarity on the challenges and expectations they have, creating success becomes easy. 

We will then create a clear, step-by-step plan of action for you with recommendations on the types of sessions that will give you the outcome you are looking for. 

At the end of the process, you'll have a clear action plan that you're free to do with as you please. You can organize the rest of the event yourself, find external facilitators, or ask us to use our own internal coaches. The choice is yours. Click here and we can have a brief conversation.

deliver an exceptional event your people love

Leverage our proven techniques around collaboration and innovation to deliver an event to excite and energize your people.

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Institute AGILITY 

At Institute Agility, we understand how hard it is to be a leader in the agile world.

The challenges never fade away when you're trying to balance the demands of the organization while looking after your people.

For over a decade, we've worked with thousands of leaders in areas of transformation and helped guide their teams to excel.

Here's what team 
Members are saying... 

“Establish a great connection with your internal and external clients, regardless of how they behave.”

“This was a unique opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can interact with my team. You’ll walk away with a tool of great tips on how to establish a great connection with your internal and external clients, regardless of how they behave.”

- Kortney Holtzhower, Team Member

“It taught me how to communicate even more positively with my team and co-workers.”

"It taught me how to communicate even more positively with my team and co-workers by focusing on my words, tone and body language. It also impacted our leadership team as a whole. We now have better communication and handle issues in a more positive way that benefits everyone involved.”

- Pam Jefferies, Team Member

Do your people want another "We could have done that in half the time and on zoom" Experience?

How much time and energy have you seen wasted on corporate retreats, company offsites, and annual gatherings that focus on the wrong thing, leaving attendees feeling  their time has been wasted? 

Book an informal conversation and we'll guide you to create an experience that runs smoothly, hits the critical notes, and delivers your vision of success.

“Our culture has improved more than I ever thought possible...”

“We take every leader through this program and it’s had more impact on our leadership ability than any other program. My entire team is more engaged and our culture has improved more than I ever thought possible.”

- David Stophel, CEO