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Here’s How We Help Our Clients Deliver Results:

Assessments: The Clear Path Ahead

Why do we start with an assessment? The answer depends on the speed at which you want to make an impact.

We can supply training, however training is pre-determined and generally highly theoretical. This makes it hard for any team to internalize and put into practice. Few people want to attend training or workshops that are open to the public. They have experienced too many generic sessions and see them as a waste of their time.

When we complete an assessment, we supply you with detailed, non-judgmental insights and recommendations. From that point, we work closely with you to co-create workshops tailored to your exact needs.

Read below to discover how we use this to accelerate your results

Coaching: Dig Deep to Resolve Your Specific Challenges

Workshops address issues and give groups of people skills and clarity. When it comes to more specific challenges, there can be a need to dig in deeper.Our coaches are highly skilled at guiding people to understand the root causes of challenges they face, and help them create powerful solutions that make a difference. Based upon proven models and using simple, practical tools, our coaching delivers high impact results.

Agile Transformation: Scale and Permanently Shift the Organizational Culture

The reality of life is that most organizations have very different levels of agility within their teams. Some teams may be excelling, whilst others are floundering with the basics. The result is your organization is just not "clicking" as an agile unit.We have the skills and practical experience to align your teams and create organization-wide shifts in their culture to make it come to life.

Corporate Retreats and
Impactful On-sites

Our sessions are relaxed, informal, and facilitated by highly-experienced coaches. The sessions are actively engaging. Your people won't be bored, sitting in their chairs and looking at their phone. When we run in-person events, they'll be moving around the room and engaging with the topics. We maximize the space around for them to hold breakout sessions, brainstorm, prioritize, and talk with each other.  For virtual events, we replicate the experience using small breakout rooms and fun activities to maintain the engagement.

It's essential your people are given the space to think and share their thoughts. We create environments where people feel safe and comfortable, and are able to bring out their unique strengths.

Training and Workshops: Custom Content To Accelerate Your Results

When your people understand how we use the Assessment to co-create the next steps to deliver results, there is a significantly higher degree of buy in. They know the workshops are designed to give them the exact information they need and are looking for. We are careful to ensure they understand the benefits and this means they are excited to attend.

The workshops themselves are experiential. People will leave not just with knowledge. They will have worked through their specific concerns, and have a clear path forward.

The difference in mindset between attending a training and one of our workshops helps us to accelerate the change in momentum and deliver better results faster.

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What clients say

Working with Institute Agility to implement an Agile company-wide process has meant we are accelerating our ability to develop and iterate new products. It is having a real impact on all areas of the business, not just profit, but in how the disparate teams connect and work together.

Jon Comly // CEO at American Safety Council

 This simple yet powerful tool empowers leaders to level up their organization at any stage. Every leader should spend a couple minutes using this tool to reflect on their team. If leaders don’t take full advantage of Christy’s coaching, they will, at least, have themselves a benchmark of their team’s agility to chart a course from there.

Chris Wakukawa // Six Sigma Blackbelt at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu

We're pretty excited all the way up the chain about some of the ideas that are emerging and then how they intersect with ideas that were already put in place.  Awareness and excitement is growing in the teams and we have clarity of what we need and are able to move forwards. I see opportunities everywhere.

Kristen Ardito // Strategy and Operations Director at Olo

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