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About Us

About Christy Clement

Agile Coach and Institute Agility Co-Founder

Christy aims to make the planet happier, one organization at a time.

She believes we should love what we do and the teams we work with. Through leadership and team coaching, her goal is to create great work cultures and help people find joy every day. This naturally results in more creativity, innovation and productivity.

Agile is not all about software. Christy has worked with teams in Healthcare, Finance, Government, Manufacturing, Logistics, Product, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality and Technology. Christy has also worked with IT, Marketing, Vendor Management, PMO and Recruiting teams - it's not all just about IT!

Christy is an adventurer. Sailing is a passion and she's sailed to Mexico and Alaska, solo-backpacked around the world, summited Mt Kilimanjaro and volunteered in multiple countries. Christy would love everyone in this world to find their perfect work/life balance.

About Andy Painter

Productivity, Business and Agile Coach. Institute Agility Co-Founder

Andy’s first life passion was software development; he wrote his first line of code at the age of five. He later transformed his love of developing software and software systems into creating businesses.

Since 2009, Andy has partnered in a coaching or training relationship with hundreds of individual and business clients, including more than half of the Fortune 100.

His passion is working with leaders and organizations to help them identify business strategies to produce immediate results and long-term success. Having successfully created, built and sold multiple companies, he is able to skillfully coach others on how to gain clarity, follow a path of action and achieve personal and financial results.

Andy believes we become more effective by developing our strengths, communication skills, and success attitudes. Success is a combination of awareness, attitudes, activities, agreements and accountability.

About Cody Meche

Agile Coach

Cody is a Lean | Agile practitioner with over 12 years of experience helping individuals and organizations change behaviors, habits and culture with a focus on delivering value to their customers.

Cody is pragmatic in approach and passionate about facilitating for collective ownership and rich, experiential engagement. He believes the principles and values of Agile have a meaningful impact on the quality of life for the people he is provided an opportunity to help become their better self. 

Cody loves getting out on the green, improving his handicap and is at home on the waves fishing for the next big catch.

Who We Are

We believe everyone deserves to be fulfilled and engaged at work. We work with organizations (generally those who develop software) to build great products that delight their customers and are made by engaged and happy teams.

How do we do this? We meet our customers where they are. Lots of organizations strive for that vision above, but many have trouble getting there. It’s not about doing a “by the book” agile implementation - that often results in people checking boxes and not embracing the mindset of agile. Instead, we work with our clients to understand what outcomes they’re trying to achieve and use a variety of tools to help them reach those. Agile and Scrum are some of the tools in our toolbox, but we draw on lots more, like:

  • Lean
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Team Insights 
  • Design Thinking
  • SAFe
  • Radical Candor
  • Change Management frameworks
  • Training from the Back of the Room
  • ORSC (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching)
  • And more...

The 3 Things That Need to Balance

Continuous learning

What was your experience when you tried to adopt Agile? What about the second time? Or the third?

We know what it’s like.

Time and time again you’re told Agile is the answer. You see the results it brings to other businesses, but it never quite delivers.

Our approach is to work with where you are, having fun along the way to make it count and get the results you deserve.

Our Approach

  • Show humility - we don't know all the answers, so we experiment to get better personally and as an organization
  • Be fun and a little rowdy! - what's life without a lot of fun? We spend a lot of time at work, let's enjoy the heck out of it
  • Walk the walk - we model what is possible for our clients - we strive for transparency, change fluency and being nimble
  • Act like an owner - we are all owners of IA, so when we make hypotheses, it is with that in mind. 
  • Embrace change - through that experimentation, we recognize things are always changing so we are more aligned to our mission, vision and values
  • Create community - we support our clients but also each other, personally and professionally
  • Experiment often - the more experiments we run, the more we learn and grow
  • Demonstrate radical candor - we hold each other accountable to giving feedback to others, even when it's hard.

What Has a Lack of Clarity Cost You?

What has a lack of clarity between stakeholders, teams, and clients cost you? What improvements could you have delivered if you had clarity on where to improve your team's performance?