Does your team or organization struggle to deliver value?

Perhaps we put too much focus on output and not enough attention towards outcomes?

Maybe you're left wondering, "How might I facilitate a shift towards value realization in my organization or with my team?"

At Institute Agility, we know how frustrating it is for people to work tirelessly to deliver a unit of work only to find out the customer didn't actually value what we have delivered.

We hear this from our clients all the time.

This leads to wasted resources in the form of time, energy, creativity and motivated people.

In this week's Project Ignite session we have explored the symptoms and  frustrations associated with this paradigm shift, understanding and  communicating effectively what problem needs to be solved is essential to achieve buy in for change to be possible.

We identified various tools that might help resolve some of the symptoms of not delivering value.

There are many well known techniques to focus on delivering value with your team. Most of these are familiar to us.

We might look at some customer satisfaction metrics. Maybe we take some gemba walks where we directly observe the customer realizing the value to be delivered. Maybe we're using design thinking concepts to understand what problems our customers or users validate. Are they are willing to pay for the problem to be solved and that they're willing to pay us?

From there, we have connected to the benefits, the predecessors, anti patterns, and the buy in associated with these tools. Framing the tool using this four quadrant exercise we found helps align behaviors as well as identify dependencies and leading indicators to achieve the desired outcome of the tool in order to make adjustments based on empirical evidence
along the way.

If you find this message is resonating with you, I encourage you watch the replay of this week's session and join us next week as we continue the series focused on delivering value instead of things our customers don't desire.

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I aim to make the planet happier, one organization at a time. I believe we should love what we do and the teams we work with. Through leadership and team coaching, my goal is to create great work cultures and help people find joy every day. This naturally results in more creativity, innovation and productivity.

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