Agile on Demand

Subscription-based, on-demand coaching to support your teams so they gain traction and deliver results.

What could your teams accomplish?

When your teams are struggling to consistently hit their commitments, it’s frustrating.

You see them doing the right things, with the right intentions, but they aren’t able to move the needle for the business.

At Institute Agility, we believe it doesn't have to be this way. From our experience of working with hundreds of organizations of all sizes, we know teams want to improve. They want to perform and delight their customers and take pride in their work.

Insufficient training and education on agile principles is not the problem. Your teams probably knows more than enough for where they are. More training will simply make the problem worse.

Why Teams Lose Traction

We've found the problems that cause teams to lose traction fall into one of two very different categories:

Systemic problems that require a major change in thinking across the organization or “Theory-practice gap” problems.

In medicine, "Theory-practice gap" is when nurses and doctors are highly skilled, yet struggle to integrate theory with real-world practice.

They know what to do, yet the subtle nuance between the theory and what they're trying to achieve in real-life can feel like an impossible gulf.

They can't take action. They know how to perform the procedure in theory, yet in real-life everything looks and feels different.

The Power of Perspective

To resolve the problem, researchers found all the medics needed was a quick conversation. A way for them to bounce ideas off someone they trusted.

An opportunity to say, "Am I crazy, or is this right?" A person who can reassure them, or give them a quick new perspective.

It made the difference between feeling as if they'd failed and massive forward momentum.

It may be the same in your teams.

Insufficient training and education on agile principles is NOT the problem. Your teams probably knows more than enough for where they are.

More training will make the problem worse.

What impact would it have on your teams if they had someone they trusted to ask the simple, everyday questions of, "Why isn't this working?" or "I keep getting challenged. How else can I approach it?"

As with the medics, it could be the difference between your teams feeling like they're failing and massive forward momentum.

For this reason, we've created a simple subscription-based service called
Agile on Demand.

Here’s How Agile on Demand Works

Step One:
Buy a bucket of hours

Each month, you can buy from a range of different sized "buckets" of hours for your people to use to connect with our highly-experienced coaches.

Your subscription is flexible and you can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel based on your organizational needs.

Step Two:
Give access to your people

Scheduling time is easy! People can set up quick 30-minute calls or up to two-hour blocks of time to talk through and discover solutions to their challenges.

Our coaches have expertise in dozens of industries and have endless stories to inspire and provoke new thinking. Make no mistake.

This is not just "coaching". This is experts handing clear and immediately actionable advice on how to solve problems that are slowing your teams down.

Step Three:
X-Ray vision

Helping your teams improve is not our only goal. The real impact comes from your monthly report. We'll compile a brief overview on how your people used the time and the questions they asked.

At a glance, you'll be able to pinpoint emerging patterns and have clarity on what's happening deep within your organization.

Ready To Unleash Your Team’s Potential?

When you do this, you'll have confidence you have clarity into what's happening "under the covers'. Every organization wants to believe they are open and transparent, yet the truth is people rarely share what they're going through. Problems get pushed down. They don't go away.

With Agile on Demand, your people will have an outlet to ask questions that take them outside of their normal context. They will be able to articulate their challenges in an unemotional way. It's a practical outlet where they are able to brainstorm and gain the confidence to be able to continue to make progress and improve.
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Your Agile on demand Options...

Access the agile expertise your teams and coaches need to
keep moving forward.





  • 5 hours per month
  • Real time tracking for hours used
  • Monthly report of hours used and areas focused on
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time





  • 45 hours per month
  • Real time tracking for hours used
  • Monthly readout of time spent and common themes
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time
  • Collaborative planning session to accelerate your team's performance

What Do Your Teams Need?

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What clients say

What I love about working with Christy and Institute Agility is that they're not just by the book.

They listen, they give pragmatic advice and ask questions that make me think about things from a different perspective. 

Megan Anderson // Director of Project Management at Adobe

 This simple yet powerful tool empowers leaders to level up their organization at any stage. Every leader should spend a couple minutes using this tool to reflect on their team. If leaders don’t take full advantage of Christy’s coaching, they will, at least, have themselves a benchmark of their team’s agility to chart a course from there.

Chris Wakukawa // Six Sigma Blackbelt at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu

We're pretty excited all the way up the chain about some of the ideas that are emerging and then how they intersect with ideas that were already put in place.  Awareness and excitement is growing in the teams and we have clarity of what we need and are able to move forwards. I see opportunities everywhere.

Kristen Ardito // Strategy and Operations Director at Olo

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