Does your team struggle with user stories?

Have you never heard them say, "Man, that user story really rocked?"

They will after this! Join us for this session of Project:Ignite, where we talk about what goes into user story.

What is the user story for? What makes the user story good or bad? Is it too big or too small? If it's too big? When do we split it? And how do we split it?

User stories that are beautifully written inspire our teams to create inexpensive, really amazing solutions that even we didn't think of.

When we have great user stories, our product owners can prioritise work so that we're not doing too much or for too little.

We're getting our customers just what they need at just the right time.

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Passionate about people—Michelle’s greatest joy is to revive, rebuild, and develop individuals and teams rallied around core values and proven methods.

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