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So you're agile, Congratulations!

But did you know that there's a spectrum of agility? You can be anything from traditional all the way to kaizen traditional meaning, waterfall, command and control, data driven and kaizen.

Where are you on the spectrum? It can be so difficult to measure an organization's agility.

We have created a special tool that's completely free to help you figure out where you are and where you should focus to deliver the greatest impact

It measures you in four different categories.

It starts with organization and covers leadership and culture. Does your team feel free to speak up and encouraged? Do they have the trust that they need and deserve or is it a command and control environment where a lot of projects are reported as being on good shape but they're really in trouble. Are we able to give bad news to our leaders freely or does it take a lot of wordsmithing?

The second category we measure is customer focus. We look at product and value delivery. Are we delivering value to our customers or are we just delivering the next thing on our list? Do we pivot when we have new information and re prioritize our list. And are we taking time to delight our customer?

The third category is mindset. We focus in on continuous improvement and agile fundamentals. Are we retrospecting, are we looking at where we've been deciding what changes to make and moving forward with intent? And are we thinking systematically? Are we sharing our learnings with other teams? Or are we really rather silent?

The last category we look at pertains especially to our development teams in software development. We want to look at testing and releasing. Is our testing automated? Can it be done easily and with confidence or is it an arduous task that really delays are released to the customer? Sometimes preventing us from making needed changes or iterating? And with releasing, are we able to release quickly and when we need to? Or is it something we have to look forward to with great amount of effort to get there. We want to be able to release quickly so that we can iterate what we learn from our customer.

The Agility Impact Diagnostic tool is full of the behaviors we want to see from our agile teams. It's a great way of looking at where we are and where we want to be so we can focus our time and energy on the specific area that will deliver the greatest impact.

You can download your copy of the AID tool by clicking here.

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Passionate about people—Michelle’s greatest joy is to revive, rebuild, and develop individuals and teams rallied around core values and proven methods.

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