Starting at quarterly planning cadence with multiple teams can feel overwhelming.

Setting aside the time to do it, ensuring teams, leaders and stakeholders involved are aligned to the value of spending that time together. And then actually helping everybody to be successful in creating a plan that they all really feel good about it.

If we do it well, it's so it's powerful. It's empowering. And but I would agree that like there's a lot of moving parts, right, and it can feel a little tension feels.

So this week, in our Project:Ignite session, we talked about the benefits that we get out of sessions like this, like alignment, really creating a solid plan with multiple teams.

But really, most importantly, probably an opportunity to raise and mitigate the impediments to those plans, making sure that we're really transparent with leaders and stakeholders, and other people were involved with with those teams.

So we discussed the the components of what a great quarterly planning session would look like, including a look back on the last quarter, which is sometimes overlooked. And And finally, we explored where things can go wrong, how to avoid those things to make your early planning session, really valuable to everybody and worth the time that they're putting into it.

For example, making sure that we arrive with clearly prioritised and detailed enough features to make those plans a reality. So check out the full video for more great discussion and what to think about if you're starting to embark upon or really even trying to improve your organization's quarterly planning

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