How much of a headache are dependencies for you and your team? How much faster? Could you deliver value to your customers without those dependencies? 

The answer is probably so much faster.

Not only could we be faster, but our teams would be happier, we'd have a lot less overhead because managing dependencies takes so much effort. And frankly, our predictability would probably skyrocket.

Here's the thing, we spend so much time trying to manage dependencies, that we don't often talk about how to eliminate them. So if you've got dependencies that really highly impact you, they happen frequently, or the responsiveness of the that dependent team is extremely slow. Probably because they have a tonne of work on their plate already. Here is my challenge to you.

How might you start down the path to remove a dependency like that, in the future?

Long term, maybe that means your team learns a new skill set or a new codebase. Maybe you can hire it, maybe you can rent it, maybe you learn it in but shorter term, I have seen great success.

When dependent teams work together to lighten the load of that dependent team. This usually involves building some trust so that we know the work is up to the standards of that team who would normally do the work.

But start small take on something low risk. do code reviews with the dependent team. So they know that they won't have to maintain crappy code, right?

Build both the trust and the skill sets between those teams. And you're well on your way to eliminating dependencies. And that is going to lead you to happier teams and customers who can't believe how fast you're moving.

Go forth and eliminate dependencies!

About the Author

I aim to make the planet happier, one organization at a time. I believe we should love what we do and the teams we work with. Through leadership and team coaching, my goal is to create great work cultures and help people find joy every day. This naturally results in more creativity, innovation and productivity.

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