What Is Your Organization's Agility Impact Score?

The Agility Impact Diagnostic hands you the ability to review your organization's Agile performance using eight pivotal dimensions


What They Say About Us...

Working with Institute Agility to implement an Agile company-wide process has meant we are accelerating our ability to develop and iterate new products. It is having a real impact on all areas of the business, not just profit, but in how the disparate teams connect and work together.

John Comly

American Safety Council

I found the Agile Impact Diagnostic tool gave me a quick and insightful way to benchmark an organization; in just a few minutes, I could pinpoint where we are and where we’d like to be. This simple yet powerful tool empowers leaders to level up their organization at any stage. Every leader should spend a couple minutes using this tool to reflect on their team. If leaders don’t take full advantage of Christy’s coaching, they will, at least, have themselves a benchmark of their team’s agility to chart a course from there.

Chris Wakukawa

Six Sigma Blackbelt at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu

Gain Instant Actionable Insights

Every organization finds itself at a different place on their Agile journey, and face unique challenges.

The AID tool is designed to hand you an instant snapshot of where your team is now, and identify the one critical area to focus your time and energy on to deliver the greatest impact.

Identify Opportunities

The Agility Impact Diagnostic gives you an easily way to identify what's working and not working, so you can identify opportunities.

Select the Area of Focus

Working on too many "critical areas" means nothing changes. We'll guide you on how to select the single Area of Focus to deliver the greatest impact.

Take Action

When you have clarity on what needs to change, and why, it becomes easy to communicate and inspire your teams into action.

What has a lack of clarity cost you?

What has a lack of clarity between stakeholders, teams, and clients cost you? What improvements could you have delivered if you had clarity on where to improve your team's performance?