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Is your team engaging at all five levels of planning? There are questions you can ask to find this out. Here are some of them;

At the Vision level: 

Does your team know the vision? Can they tell it to you when they talk about the vision?

Do they also talk about how close we are to reaching it and whether or not the work we're doing today can get us to where we want to be tomorrow?

A vision describes where we want to be and who we want to be to our customer.

At the Roadmap level:

Does your team really dig into the value that we're providing?

What value are you providing to the business with this giant thing we're building, and how do we measure it?

At the Quarterly planning level:

Why are we building what we're building in the way that we're building it?

What is the value of the customer needs?

What is the value that they want and how are we going to give it to them?

At the Sprint level:

Sprint goals should be value statements at the end of this Sprint. "We will provide this value and here's how we measure it."

The Sprint goal can be something you want to learn, something the customer needs or something the business needs.

It can even be something the team needs to do, but it should always be measurable, and it should be something that your stakeholders would want to buy.

You should be able to show that Sprint goal to your stakeholder, and they will say, "Yeah, I'll take it!"

At the Daily Stand Up level:

The daily stand up is a chance to plan every single day to make sure that we reach that sprint goal.

If it's feeling like a boring status update or your team's coming in with, "I'm almost done, I'm almost done, almost done" every day, then that's an opportunity for us to ask questions.

Why are we still almost done with it?

What's in our way is that part of reaching our sprint goal or should we be focused on something different?

We should have an opportunity to re-plan and adjust every single day.

That's what agile is all about.

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