First of all, thank you to our Project:Ignite member who said that the session this week at our community practice sessions are the best part of her Mondays. I love hearing that.

So this week we went deep on organisational impediments, we we find often it is your agility that so many organisations talk a lot about organisational impediments.

And a lot of people are trying to to work on them, but we don't necessarily give them the visibility and the prioritisation like we normally would for any other day to day work of of a delivery team.

We we don't have clear prioritised prioritised work in that impediment backlog. And when we don't have that we we find that so many leaders are like, just trying to solve all the problems and not really doing any of them very well. I see this over and over again.

But I promise you, there are better ways to work. So this week, we walked through several several exercises that you can do with your organization's not to just to identify those challenges and really get down to the root cause and the problem statement so you can work it really well.

But also, we talked through how to organise that into a backlog, who would be the team that worked that backlog who might prioritise them.

For example, I've seen places where scrum master communities really effectively build those impediment backlogs and prioritise them across many different teams, for their Agile leadership teams to really work on.

We also talked through what kind of information is most important to have in that backlog and brainstormed ideas on how to better communicate their progress.

So things like how might we break this work down? What are some different solution ideas that we've thought of that might actually solve the the problem statement that we identified things like that. So if your organisation isn't chipping away at systemic impediments, as well as they could check out the full video in our Member site from this week, and we'll see you soon.

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